Strategies for Car Dealerships

Whether your dealership is large or small we can show you how to increase your profits without increasing your costs or infrastructure.  We estimate that by purchasing the diminished value claim from the car owner when the owner is selling the vehicle to your dealership you can increase the overall value of the transaction by an average of $3,000 without any cost to you by employing our trade secret strategies that we can teach you and your staff in less than two hours.

Charting additional weekly revenue

At this rate, assuming you purchase five cars a week with diminished value claims this will generate an additional $15,000 per week - resulting in $10,000-$12,000 in your pocket after paying the contingency fees associated with a diminished value claim attorney pursuing these claims for you.  We can also show you how to mine your database to uncover and contact past customers with vehicle accident histories that may lead to additional revenues for your business.  We offer a proven set of proprietary letters and email templates that can be sent out under your own corporate branding to cultivate these leads from your past clients at little cost to you.

Chart of dollars saved for a car dealership