Strategies for Body Shops

If you are an auto body shop professional we can show you how to increase your revenues and profits with your existing customers.  Our diminished value business model allows independent body shops to create goodwill and make more money by serving as an expert witness in diminished value cases. In a typical week, most body shops perform appraisals on at least five cars that are eligible to collect on a diminished value claim.   If you were to provide expert testimony in support of these cars’ diminished value claims, you could potentially earn an additional $750 a week in expert witness fees for work that would require very little time on your part.  Additionally, for every car owner that you help recover diminished value, the owner is likely to refer friends and family members to your business because you helped them out. Over a year this could result in an additional $39,000.00 if you only handle five estimates each week that can be completed in just a few hours.

Charting minutes and weekly revenue

All of your hard work has paid off to start and grow your business.  It’s time that you started working smarter to dramatically increase your revenue stream without turning a wrench.

Chart of dollars saved for an auto body shop