Providing Transformative Diminished Value Strategies for Businesses

“Diminished value is one of the biggest kept secrets in the insurance industry.”

If you are a business operating in the auto industry you know just how challenging it can be to survive in this highly competitive marketplace. Consumers have instant access to price calculators and other used car buying tools via the Internet, making it increasingly difficult for dealerships, and in particular smaller dealers, to turn a profit. Auto body repair professionals are also struggling to maintain and expand their customer base as insurance carriers try to minimize their payouts. Insurance companies often manipulate consumers into using their “network” body shops because these shops provide the insurance companies with discounted rates in exchange for receiving a huge amount of repair work.

With the insurance industry having so much power, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do.  One possible solution to your problems involves diminished value vehicle claims.  If you don’t already know, diminished value is one of the biggest secrets in the insurance industry.  Insurance carriers certainly don’t educate policy holders and accident victims about diminished value. They keep quiet, hoping that car owners won’t know that they can recover the loss in market value when a vehicle is involved in a collision. 

Our firm has developed innovative diminished value strategies to help you expand your business and your bottom line.

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