How We Can Help Car Dealerships

June 24, 2016 - Articles

Automobile sales are becoming more and more competitive especially with the recent book in internet sales and marketing in the automobile industry. As the consumer becomes more educated, thanks to tool like internet price calculators, the more challenging it becomes to simply do business. As margins become thinner it's increasingly more difficult to turn a profit.  Recently, the used car business model has expanded into superstores that will ship vehicles from state to state for customers, which – ultimately - makes it even harder for smaller businesses to compete.  We work with car dealerships both large and small.  You should ask yourself, “why not learn from the hidden tricks of the insurance industry before your competition does?”  This “hidden trick” can have an astounding impact on your bottom line without increasing your costs or infrastructure and we can teach you how to master it.

Cartoon of car sale

You already understand the car business. You know you can't overpay for a trade-in especially if a car has been in an accident. In addition, many of the trade-ins you don't even want because you can't turn a profit on them. The likelihood is that a car that has a history of vehicle damage will be shipped off to auto auction where you essentially break even after your costs.  The reason that you allow your customer to trade their car in is because you want to sell them a different vehicle and because everyone else is taking trade-ins as part of the traditional business model. 

Learn the Strategy Behind Filing a Diminished Value Claim

We work with car dealerships to teach a strategy involving diminished value claims that has not been previously addressed on a large scale to transform the business model of the car dealership and increase revenue dramatically.  Our strategies can increase a customer's purchasing power through trade-in allowing the consumer to increase their down payment and/or the car that they can afford. 

Imagine if your customer transaction resulted in an additional $3,000 to $5,000 per transaction week in and week out.

Imagine if your customer transaction resulted in an additional $3,000 to $5,000 per transaction week in and week out. What would this do to your gross profit?  We can show how to repeat this process again and again with every customer who you encounter that has a car with a history of a vehicle accident.  We will even show you how to mine your database of past clients to make even more money through a technique that is so powerful and proven.

Our offer to you is a free, no obligation confidential consultation with our professional salesforce and attorneys to discuss this powerful strategy that will make you say “why didn’t I think of that myself.”  This risk-free offer is available to you if you contact us. What do you have to lose other than under the lackluster quarter in the present business environment?  The most that this will ever cost you is a little bit of your time which we understand is very valuable, but we are confident that you will come away from the meeting with a new idea that will have you thinking about the trade-in business in an entirely different way.