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Let Our Experience Benefit Your Diminished Value Case

If your car has been involved in a crash you may be entitled to recover diminished value from the responsible party’s insurance carrier.  The legal team at Coffey Trial Law Diminished Value is on your side.  We are experienced diminished value attorneys who know how to make the insurance carriers accept responsibility and fairly compensate car owners for their diminished value losses.  Our law firm offers clients a number of key benefits in diminished value cases:

  • We know diminished value. The legal professionals at our firm know the ins and outs of diminished value.  We know what it takes to prove a claim so that our clients can be made whole again.  Our firm offers a comprehensive Diminished Value Information Center along with a downloadable E-Book to help you better understand diminished value concepts. 
  • Our firm is well-recognized in the insurance industry. The legal team at our firm has more than 50 years of collective experience taking on the insurance companies. We are very familiar with how the insurance industry operates and are widely known as strong, smart and aggressive attorneys who know how to get results our clients are looking for.
  • We are licensed attorneys. Our firm offers a team of seasoned trial lawyers who are licensed to practice in state and federal courts throughout Florida as well as New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  While the vast majority of our diminished value cases are settled outside of the courtroom, because each diminished value claim attorney at our firm is a licensed professional, we can handle your claim from start to finish including filing a lawsuit on your behalf should legal action become necessary.
  • Our goal is to make it quick and easy for you. We understand dealing with the insurance company is often the most frustrating part of being in a car accident.  Our aim is to make the process fast and as simple as possible for you.  Typically we can handle everything online or over the telephone which means you will never have to come into our office.  We take care of all of the details and in most diminished value cases we can secure a recovery for your loss in 30-60 days if not sooner.
  • You will have instant access to your case. When you work with our firm you will have the ability to check on the status of your case 24/7/365. We have developed an online case management system that allows you to login and track where your case is at whenever you have the time to do so. 
  • No upfront fees or costs are required. Because we handle diminished value cases on a contingency bases there is no risk to you.  We will never ask you to pay us for our services unless we recover money for you.
  • We get results. Our firm has a strong track record of success getting results in difficult cases.  Our attorneys have recovered more than $100 million for clients in our legal practices and are fully prepared to help you obtain the money you are owed*.

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Coffey Trial Diminished Value is here to help. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.  Complete our online diminished value intake form for a free consultation.

*Specific details regarding case and settlement results are not indications of the results of future cases and settlements, nor should they be held to be guarantees, warranties, or predictions regarding the result of representation by our firm. Furthermore, any message regarding the result of a specific case is not a promise of similar results in future cases, but rather represents the outcome of the specific legal and factual basis from which it arises.